The Eliezer Project is a not for profit 501 (c)3 organization offering many
financial management services for the residents of Far Rockaway,
the Five Towns, Long Beach, Oceanside, and West Hempstead.
Our mission is to address the needs of families experiencing economic hardship. Our goal is to help these families become self-sufficient and
restore the financial stability of the household. This will be achieved on a case-by-case basis using a holistic approach that offers a multitude of services.

There are several axioms upon which our work is based:

* Each family is unique and must be helped according to its economic

* Each family will be assigned a case worker, who will advocate for
  them and guide them through the entire process.

* Our goal is to train each family to make itself financially independent.
  This will enable its members to retain their dignity and self-respect.

* In cases of unemployment, high priority is placed on employment

* However, there are many circumstances where families are in financial
  crisis even where there is gainful employment. Therefore our services
  include a broad menu of financial and social services.
The Eliezer Project was founded in memory of Eliezer ben Shlomo A"H
The Eliezer Project is currently on a hiatus
while we address staffing and funding needs.
We hope to be back to serve the community in the future.